32. Nathalie Lorichs

Nathalie Lorichs

Nathalie Lorichs singing backing vocals during “Child in Time”

A study in two parts of Nathalie Lorichs singing backing vocals during “Child in Time”, where Steve Balsamo was the lead singer.

Nathalie Lorichs is a vocalist who truly knows Jon Lords music. Her father, Christer, met Jon for the first time as a fan in the early Whitesnake days in 1979. Eventually they became friends.

Among other things, Christer Lorichs’ friendship with Deep Purple resulted in the band visiting the music high school Nathalie went to – although this was in 2003, shortly after Jon had left the band.

In 2007, she was invited to sing backing vocals on Jon’s second concert in the Nidaros Cathedral.

(For those curious as to what these photos look like in colour – this is one of the photos I’ve previously published, so you can have a look over here.)

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