3. The Musicians (Outtake)

Jon Lord and the Lord Chamber Orchestra

Jon Lord by the grand piano on the left. Musicians from the Lord Chamber Orchestra on the stage.

The musicians in the orchestra deserve to be mentioned by name.

The great musicians who formed The Lord Chamber Orchestra for this concert, assembled by conductor Torodd Wigum, were:

1. Violin:

  • Sveinung Lillebjerka
  • Åse Våg Aaknes
  • Kristin Reigstad
  • Cathrine Egeriis Søndberg
  • Ellen Fjærvoll Samdal

2. Violin:

  • Marit Laugen
  • Ingvild Ranum
  • Ingrid Wisur
  • Alva Press


  • Bergmund Skaslien
  • Eigil Nordstrøm
  • Ragnar Heier Hovd


  • Cecilie Koch
  • Marit Aspås
  • Siri Snortheim

Double Bass:

  • Rolf Hoff Baltzersen


  • Trine Knutsen


  • Inger Jacobsen

(Quoting the “Credits” section of the website dedicated to the concert here.)

As this photo is quite similar to the previous one, it didn’t make the final cut in the printed book. I’m still glad to share it here on the blog.


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