31. Steve Balsamo Singing “Child in Time”

Steve Balsamo

Steve Balsamo singing “Child in Time”

Vocalist Steve Balsamo singing the Deep Purple classic “Child in Time” during rehearsals in the Nidaros Cathedral.

Steve Balsamo collaborated with Jon Lord during the last years of Jon’s life, singing on many of Jon’s live shows. The only studio recording they got to finish together, was the studio version of “Concerto for Group and Orchestra”, which was released after Jon’s passing in 2012. They were also working on an album of songs, of which only one has been released – the song “All Those Years Ago”, which was released as part of the lavish photo book about Jon Lord, where it also provided the title.

Steve has a formidable vocal range, perfectly able of tackling a challenging song like “Child in Time”.

The concert version of the song, complete with a lenghty Hammond organ solo from Jon and a children’s choir, can be seen and heard here.

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