15. Should it Stay or Should it Go?

Jon Lord with Magnus Johansen in the background

Jon Lord with Magnus Johansen in the background

I’m in two minds about this photo, showing Jon Lord at the front, his right hand on the keyboard of the Hammond organ, with keyboard player Magnus Johansen at the back, his gaze focused on Jon.

The composition of the photo is just great. But there’s one problem – the focus isn’t quite right. The keyboard on the Hammond organ and Jon’s hand is pin sharp, but sadly both Jon and Magnus are slightly out of focus.


I like the composition of the photo very much, with Jon playing the Hammond organ, and Magnus keeping a close eye on him. But neither of them are in focus. One of them should have been.

So – what do you think? Should I use this photo in the photo book, despite it not being perfect when it comes to focus point – or should I leave it out?

The fact that Jon is playing the Hammond, indicates that this is during rehearsals for Gigue, another wonderful track from Jon’s 1976 “Sarabande” album.

As far as I can remember, they rehearsed “Bourée” and “Gigue” back to back, although being separted in the actual consert.

Anyway: Feedback is appreciated!
Should I keep this photo in the book, despite it not being techinically perfect (both musicians seen properly are slightly out of focus). Still I feel the scene is portraied beautifully.

Comments are more than welcome on this one!

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