20. Jon Lord, Nathalie Lorichs, Steve Balsamo

Jon Lord, Nathalie Lorichs, Steve Balsamo

From the left: Jon Lord, and singers Nathalie Lorichs and Steve Balsamo, about to play “Pictured Within”

As they’re launching into “Pictured Within”, the vocalists start to appear on stage.

The song was orginally recorded with Jon’s friend Miller Anderson singing. For this concert, Welsh vocalist Steve Balsamo was the main male vocalist. Steve had worked a lot with Jon the last years prior to this concert. They were working on an album of songs at the time, this sadly was never to be completed.
Swedish vocalist Nathalie Lorichs is the daughter of Christer Lorichs, a long time friend of Jon, so I think it’s safe to say she’s been raised on Jon’s music. She is also Martin Axenrot’s partner.

We’ll be seeing more of both of them in the coming posts.

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