10. The Bassist

Martin Méndez, Martin Axenrot

Martin Méndez from Opeth on the bass. His bandmate Martin Axenrot on the drums visible in the background.

Martín Méndez from Opeth was the bass player for the numbers that were amplified with electrical instruments. Born in Uruguay, but relocated to Sweden, he’s been a member of prog-metal band Opeth since 1999 – apart from frontmant Mikael Åkerfeldt, he’s the longest serving member of the band now.

Along with Martin Axenrot, drummer, seen at the back here, he makes up a tight rhythm section in a great, progressive band with a worldwide fan base.

And the guys know their deep purple tinted heritage. By all accounts, at least one of them pretty close to home, Martin and Martin were awestruck to share the stage with Jon Lord.

A few months after this concert, Opeth would pay their own tribute to “Deep Purple family member” Ronnie James Dio, who lost his fight with cancer just a week prior to this concert. Opeth played Rainbow’s Catch the Rainbow at some festivals in August 2010 as a homage to Dio.

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