1. Entering the Rehearsals

Jon Lord grand piano

Jon Lord by the grand piano

This blog is my photo documentary from the rehearsals to what would sadly be Jon Lord’s last concert in Nidarosdomen – the Nidaros Cathedral – the mighty cathedral with historic roots back to the viking ages in Trondheim in Norway.
This is intended as a tribute to the great composer and musician, most famous for being a founding member of the hard rock band Deep Purple in 1968, a band he enjoyed great successes with until he retired to pursue his own projects in 2002.

Jon Lord’s  first concert in the Nidaros Cathedral in 2003 was crucial in asserting Jon that he had made the right choice to leave Deep Purple and pursue a career creating orchestral music. In 2007, he played a second concert in the cathedral, performing a new work called From Darkness to Light – an orchestral work which indeed was inspired by the previous concert in the Nidaros Cathedral, and the impact it had on Jon and his career.

By the time the concert documented here took place, on Sunday May 23rd 2010, Jon’s then current album, To Notice Such Things, had been given highly positive reviews in classical music magazines in his homeland UK, and two of his previous, recent albums were on lists of “the best by living classical composers” on British radio station Classic FM’s website.

My hope is that this blog will be joyful for the great musicians who made this a very special concert, and the large audience who were in attendance – as well as for friends and fans of Jon Lord and the great musical legacy he left us.

The details about the concert will be explained as the photos are posted – most likely at highly irregular intervals.
The photo above was the first one I took of Jon as I entered the rehearsals in the cathedral some hours before the concert itself.

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