25. Jon Lord and the Children in Time

Jon Lord with the "Children in Time" choir

Jon Lord with the “Children in Time” choir in the background

Jon Lord plays the Hammond organ during “Child in Time”. In the background, the “Children in Time” choir is seen. Keyboardist Magnus Johansen is also seen on the left hand side in the background.

The “Children in Time” choir was, as the name suggests, gathered for the concert. Conducted by Elen Cath Furunes, the children’s choir was made up of then current and former song students at the Stjørdal school of culture – a municipal cultural offering for school children. Here’s an article about the choir from local newspaper Stjørdalens blad. (And if you, like a surprisingly large percentage of the world’s population, find yourself Norwegianally challenged, Google Translate is your friend.)

This was the first and only time “Child in Time” was performed by Jon with a choir. Jon wrote a totally new choir arrangement for this concert, which the choir received during the same week the concert was performed. They did a wonderful job, as can be seen and heard on the video from the concert.

Conductor Elen is in fact married to another of the unsung heroes of the evening – Terje Craig Furunes, who through his production company Craigtones produced the event. His version of “Smoke on the Water” translated to “nynorsk” during the birthday celebration that preceded the concert was also something to remember for those of lucky enough to be present.

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