17. A Different Viewpoint

Jon Lord, Magnus Johansen, Martín Méndez, Martin Axenrot

Jon Lord, Magnus Johansen, Martín Méndez, Martin Axenrot seen from the back of the stage.

I was moving around to the back of the stage for a different view here. I think this was during the closing notes of Gigue, the wonderful track from Jon Lord’s Sarabande album from 1976.

Photographically speaking, this is the contrast to photo 15 in this blog. This photo has the focus nailed on Jon himself at the other side of the stage. Taken at full aperture on the tele zoom I was using (f/2.8), the shallow depth of field is visible in that only Jon is truly sharp here. Bassist Martín Méndez is not quite focus, while Magnus Johansen on keyboards and drummer Martin Axenrot are slightly blurry. This adds to the feeling of depth and presence in the photo.

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